Helical Piers for Foundation Repairs & New Construction

helical pier anchor

Helical piers are used for securing residential foundations and commercial building foundations, tower foundations, heavy equipment foundations and for other deep foundation applications. Helical Piers are ideal for existing structure repairs and new construction, proving to be the best support systems for foundations in wet or environmentally sensitive areas, or in areas with fill materials. They are also used to support and repair settling basements, porch columns, interior concrete slab floors, garage floors, porches, and patios.

Oregon Helical Piers, is a leading Foundation Contractor in Oregon, servicing the entire state of Oregon, and offers a Oregon foundation inspection and foundation repair estimates.

Oregon Foundation Repair

If you have any of the following foundation conditions contact us for a foundation inspection.
Cracked foundations, buckled or bowed foundation walls, cracks in interior or exterior walls, cracks in ceilings, uneven floors, windows and doors get stuck when opening, leaning chimney.
Oregon Residential Foundation Repair
Oregon Commercial Buildings Foundation Repair

We stabilize settling foundations without damage to structure or landscaping.

Foundations for New Construction

New construction HELICAL PIER Foundation anchors are used for underpinning foundations where unstable soils, high water tables, and fill areas are present.

New Construction Commercial Buildings Foundations
New Construction Residential Foundations

Retaining Walls and Basement Construction and Repair applications

Screw anchors are driven into the soil and attached to retaining walls to prevent wall movement from soil pressure. Helical screw anchors are also used to repair basement walls, by attaching the anchors with metal plates to hold the wall in place.

Anchor and Tiedown Systems

Helical Pull-down anchors and tiedown support systems are used for supporting large towers, parking and utility lighting, walkways, harbor moorings, pipelines and storage tanks.

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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Call us or submit our Foundation Repair Estimate form and we will respond quickly with information regarding Foundation Repair Cost, a Foundation Repair Estimate, and any other pertinent information. Use the form to schedule a foundation inspection in Oregon.

We use Chance Helical Piers. Here's a video demonstration of the foundation repair process using helical piers.


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